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Welcome to a celebration of life in Toronto the Good, and getting better.  This site is for you to learn to use Mutual Support Enterprises for the mutual fulfillment of residents, local businesses and large corporations. 

Thank you for your interest in an advanced society.  We aim to use our combined buying power to change how things are grown, made and distributed.  We look at non-toxic product ingredients to protect the ecology on which our lives depend and take into account the needs of the next seven generations.

In 2018 we aim to introduce bulk buying cooperatives for ordering online and picking up orders locally, starting within the Central Bloor MuSE, Davenport-Dupont MuSE, and Eglinton-Lawrence MuSE.

There’s more to an advanced society than shopping for great deals. Money earned from bulk purchasing will readily cover the costs of education, so students learn to become entrepreneurs, and local media production, so we can be better informed about what’s good in today’s society.

We’re exploring a mix between a social agency and a for-profit corporation.  We’re looking forward to coordinated, planet-friendly ways to share services.

Markham Street’s the name of this website because, for decades, it’s been a place of inspiration, myth and hope, especially for newcomers to Canada.  Celebrate an advanced society – how it feels, looks, smells, sounds and tastes.  Whereas cold categories, such as developed nations, don’t fire us up, a sense of knowing we’re contributing to an advanced society stirs our souls.

And if this prosaic version of the Welcome misses its mark, then enjoy the option of being Welcomed poetically.  We can consider poetry and myth delivery as essential services, and a human right.
Poetic Version.

Advanced societies avoid creating problems that challenge us socially and ecologically.  Compare this with the industrial era where this was how we grew our economy.

An advanced society means exploring how we think and changing how we act.  Caring about our future in a beautiful and clean ecology means innovating.  This is what we can look forward to:

  • Residents, with corporations as partners, are promoting everyone’s health.
  • More educational facilities springing up as neighbourhood campuses that coordinate programming across local learning venues.
  • Local students getting support to prepare for running successful businesses before they graduate.
  • Entrepreneurs that work to benefit us all are getting more attention.
  • Whenever movie production and land redevelopment companies visit our neighbourhoods, we coordinate to secure the best available outcomes for education and the local economy.
  • Entertainment and gatherings that promote respect for one another make us more aware of each others values, abilities, and dreams for society.
  • Cheaper services, food and paper products result from homes and offices buying these together.

Those of us working on everyone’s behalf, you have carried the good of neighbours and the planet on your shoulders for long enough.  It’s time for greater neighbourhood support.

Perhaps when corporations, such as film producers and land developers, are attracted to our neighbourhoods and meet with municipalities there is representation by an agency so that everyone gets more of what benefits us all.  Neighbourhoods become a land development company that learn from one another.

Inquire about participation in an entrepreneurial community to learn and collaborate, to coordinate and communicate what you do, and more so, what you long to do.  It’s called the Toronto Epic Community.

Now, find out how we go from Me, to We, to MuSE.


Poetic Version

Yours sincerely, Markham Street residents,
Andrew Owens, TK Workman, and Dr. William MacKay.

Check out some of the 30-minutes of fun on the ‘Creative Economy’ interview called Corporations having Tantric Sex, with Andrew Owens – recorded at ThatChannel.com and now on YouTube: Click here.  

Note: A white circular slider appears below the screen.  Move the slider, to whatever times you want.  Use the following list of the video’s content as your guide.

  1. The most important thing in our future is new ways of organizing:   0.45 secs
  2. Unmanaged flow is necessary in life:   2.30 mins
  3. Artists have much to offer corporations:   4.30 mins
  4. Corporations are like plants:  5.20 mins
  5. Definition of soul paths: 7.00 mins
  6. Networks of collaboration are like furry mammals:   8.15 mins
  7. Love and light serve us in different ways:   10.00 mins
  8. Definitions of juicy systems, and vital creative networks:   11.15 mins
  9. Neighbourhoods lend themselves to being in tune with nature:   11.50 mins
  10. City halls can’t reduce citizen dependence on services:  14.30 mins
  11. How we can define ‘values’: 16.15 mins
  12. We organize in hubs when in touch with our values:   23.00 mins
  13. Markham Street MuSE is for hearts and minds:   18.00 to 24.20 mins
  14. Qualities of today’s creative economy: 24.30 to 26.30 mins
  15. Self-awareness is important and powerful economically:  26.30 to 30.15 mins

Governments are referring to Canada as a developed nation.  What does it take to become more fully immersed in an advanced society?  Well, QUEEN EAST Agency outlines a way forward that neighbours will be interested in finding out more about.

Best Available Outcomes from Redevelopment of Markham and Bloor is a proposal available by clicking this link: https://queeneast.wordpress.com/.

This link helps you find out more ABOUT the MuSE

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Epic Poem link

What happens when heaven helps us on Markham Street.

Find out about participation.

Find a list of projects to improve neighbourhoods that anyone can lead or get behind.  List a course of action / project.

This link takes you to info on the Epic Poem of Markham Street.